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2018. July 17. Tuesday
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A Kertész László Városi Könyvtár rövid története:
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The representative corporation of the town decided to open a public library and the museum of the town.They created a 10 persons Committee of the Library and the Museum. However the necessary renovations lasted so long, that the library was only opened in March of 1947. The smaller "libraries" like Kossuth Circle /Club, Civil Casino/Club, MANSZ, Tradesman's Circle were incorporated into the new Public Library

After the organization of councilsthe library moved into the new building of Cultural Centre. From 1950 to 1988 the libray's place was in the building of the present-day Petőfi-House, its name was People's Library. But the actual start is reckoned from the 1st August in 1952, when the first director of the library was appointed. István Ökrész, who was a teacher, directed the library to 1965, he loaned books 4 hours a day. Before him there was a voluntary worker who loaned books.

In the 60-ies it started to develop the library organization (Böszörmény has huge outskirts: Vid, Pród, Boda), it finished to the 70-ies.

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The building of the library had become to bad condition in the course of time. The change of regime afforded a possibility to take this rich/generous collection a better place. The house of the party became tenantless, so the library  moved in to the actual place. This part of the building is suitable for the normative regulations. (2nd picture).

On 16th October in 2002 the Public Library had a new service, an Internet room was established. It came into being with the money from the town and the equipment was bought from the Széchenyi-plan competition.

Our library bears the name Kertész László Municipal Library from the 1st April in 2004.